We have chanced upon a social media post made by a Twitter user.

According to the Twitter user, his friend broke up with his fiancee after being together for 4 years and his reason is that throughout the relationship, it wasn’t his intention to marry her.

..... he made reads;

“My guy broke up with his four years girlfriend cause according to him, if she was that amazing, why haven’t he married her? Not like she did something wrong o! He was like “why e never come my mind to marry am? No be like say money no dey” My jaw dropped!”

Read some reactions from social media users below;

@tessysmitha – That’s what happens when you carry out wife duties as a girlfriend , Nothing excites him anymore about her or he doesn’t love her enough to wanna spend his life with her . She’s going to be fine , if she can put up with an apology of a man . She is a strong person

@Deputyzaddy – It’s simple. She has been performing wife duties hence he has been enjoying it all for free. So why should he pay for it. When she stops the cooking, frequent visits, sex and all. He would see the need to wife her.


@EMEKAEKWE – Let women make that choice too, don’t wait for him to say marry me first…
Tell him to marry me, tell him to…
Maybe he’s not thinking it would be a good idea…
Tell him as fast as you could before you cast for him eye

@Megxo_official – there is no manual or stencil to these things….
i dont plan future with person daughter, stay with am through undergrad, see am as my ride or die, yet she get balls go marry person wey she meet within 2 weeks for christmas. lmao
she went to her Introduction from MY HOUSE!!

@ariyike_JJ – When i posted once a serious relationship where both of you are not studying or underage shouldn’t be more than 1 year topmost 2years. People fall out of love. I have experience that before. That person no longer excite you or you started seeing reasons to leave.