Jaruma, a businesswoman and trader from ” Kayanmata ”, has said that the high divorce rate can only be linked to transvestites in Nigeria and not to the use of Kayanmata by single women.

Products have been trending on social media, as merchants openly advertise them and also post their customers’ “testimonials” on effectiveness.

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In a video she shared on IG, Jaruma reacted to claims that single women using Kayanmata are responsible for the high divorce rate.

“Word spread throughout the city that the high divorce rate has been linked and traced to Kaynmata because single girls are now buying Kayanmata and now they are taking married men from their wives.


Have you ever heard me say that we are taking your husbands from you? Did you ever hear me say we’re going to take your husbands?

Hausa Kayanmata original from the north, we are housewives. We are not home breakers.

The high divorce rate you are talking about can only be related to transvestites because transvestites are the only ones who always say that we are coming to take your husbands to you.
Each and every Nigerian transvestite, that’s their motto.”

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