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Yari To Matawalle: You Cannot Stop My Pension Benefits



Immediate former Governor of Zamfara State, Alhaji Abdulaziz Yari, says that Bello Matawalle, his successor cannot discontinue the benefits to which he is entitled to as stated in the state’s pension policy.

Recently, the current governor of the state had said that Yari, his predecessor, had paid himself a whoping N360 million in the coffers of the state shortly before he left the position in 2019.

During a visit with the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole, Yari, in a media chat had stated that Matawalle could not prevent him from receiving his benefits, as it is in the state’s policy

“About the pension policy, government cannot change this policy for now but I promised I won’t say anything for now,” he said

“I don’t want to comment on what is happening in Zamfara State but a time will come when everything will be put on the table. For now, we will allow him (the governor) so that he will not say we are distracting him from governance.”

“As a one-time Chief Security Officer of the state,  I know what the issue of security entails. I know the predicament of the security and that of  state when it comes to the issue of security.

“So, I don’t know whether  to continue to change security chiefs will be the solution or getting the right equipment for them or facilities to deal with situation, ” he said.

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Yari went on to discuss matters regarding the Supreme Court’s validation of Uzodinma, congratulating All Progressives Congress and stating that the PDP cannot rejoice over their win in Zamfara and reject their loss in Imo.

“We have come to visit the party’s National Chairman on the issue of Supreme Court after the judgment  and also intimidation by the opposition PDP who are making noise about the issue.”

“If the PDP makes noise on issue of Imo what about Zamfara, what are we going to say,  did we make any protest?  We did not come out to the streets to protest after  Nigerians said the judgment of Zamfara was a miscarriage of justice,”he said.




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