Yahoo Plus Gbege!! Yahoo Guy Runs Mad, Eats Grasses After Visiting ‘Babalawo’ (Photos)

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Yahoo plus, the trend in cybercrime world today has landed a 19-year-old boy in another planet.

According to the story shared on Twitter by Oluwafunminire‏, the young man whose name was not mentioned visited a Babalawo for rituals.

He narrated that the baba allegedly gave him three eggs as part of the concoction needed for the ‘plus’.

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Read as shared:

If you really want to have peace, plant the fear of God in your children from small. The FEAR OF GOD not man.

I think people should chill on this all out run for money, especially youths.

So a friend of mine called me and ask that I join him in prayers for his 19 years old cousin that just ran mad.

On getting there, the Baba gave him 3 eggs to eat and told him he must finish eating all 3 or else something will happen. The guy must have thought, just 3 eggs? what is there?

Long and short, the guy couldn’t finish the 3 eggs and ran mad straight. When my friend told me, I was like just 3 eggs? But mehn those 3 eggs aren’t ordinary eggs.

He managed to find his way home, but his family members saw him eating grass.

His tweets…

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