The Federal Minister of Transportation, Hon. Rotimi Amaechi has made a bold claim that women are more intelligent than men.

In his view, this really points to the fact that women deserve more roles in government. He stated that the 35% affirmative action policy which has currently been given to women is not enough considering how intelligent the female gender is.

He made this known as he spoke as a Guest at the 2nd edition of the Association of Women Business Network of Nigerian Women (ANWBN) forum, held recently in Abuja.

In his submission, he said;

“Women should see inclusiveness in governance as a right and women in all sphere of life should be carried along.

I do not support male domination, neither do I support female domination, I believe that all of you seated here are qualified to rule this nation, I don’t believe that a particular seat should be set aside for a woman, the reason is that women are by far more intelligent than men.


The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Amina Muhammed, was selected not because she was a woman but because she performed excellently well in her previous position.

When am invited to a function and women are gathered dancing, I just wonder why women should be dancing at a function, women should be taking more seriously than dancing at a function. When you get to the table assert your authority as somebody who is brilliant, who is intelligent to get what others are getting.

Don’t tell me you are on the table and should be given a position because you are a woman, don’t ask that any seat should be set aside for you, ask for your right, it is your right, women in politics stay for meetings till 2 am, so if your husband allows you to join politics, he should be ready to support you.”