A man confronted two ladies who were half-nekked on the streets and questioned them about observing the Ramadan.

In the spirit of Ramadan, all Muslims are expected to fast, however, for these two ladies who were dressed in only brassier and pant in broad daylight in this video, one can’t if they really Muslims, neither can we confirm if the incident happened in Nigeria or abroad, at least judging from the accent of the ladies.

In the video, the man who spotted the ladies confidently walking in the early hours of the morning, looking like commercial s.ex workers, could be heard in his car asking them why they are not participating in the fasting.

The lady’s response was not very audible enough for us to clearly understand what she was saying.

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Watch the video below;

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Read some reactions to this video below;


Imagine wearing this in Ilorin around Ojaoba on a Friday


So the world is a muslim world? abeg rest you wey dey fast! and make sure you’re genuinely fasting 


This is Houston Texas, bissconnet street,broad day light prostitution.


U dey fast u stop dey follow half Naked women talk ….Mugu


In as much as that was way too much on their end but Muslims should really chill you know, they literally expect that the world should be at pause if possible for this one month. No disrespect really but then


So because Muslims Dey fast 
Make we kill oursef abi Wetin