The President of the Nigerian Senate, Ahmad Lawan has expressed worry over the rate at which banditry is taking over Nigeria.

He made this known after the confirmation of the new service chiefs stating that there are people benefitting from banditry.

In his submission, he said;

“A situation whereby a group of people will go to a school and take over 300 students away on motorcycles is not accepted.

Kidnapping without a trace, is not acceptable. Something has to be done because, apparently, this is becoming an industry, some people are benefiting from this and we have to unravel who these people are, and fight bandits and insurgents until we rescue our country.


Let me also advise the service chiefs that there must be an interagency corporation. There must be an interagency corporation, the army, the air force, they are supposed to have complimentary roles.

We promise them and indeed Nigerians that we support them in whatever way the parliament can come to their support.”