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UK: 113 more illegal Muslim migrants arrive, less than 1% face prosecution



Yet again.

The more illegal Muslim migrants keep pouring in via the English Channel, the more UK citizens become habituated to the crisis and give up hope that their concerns matter to British politicians. It’s a crisis that law-abiding citizens are paying for — in taxes and in risk. The bizarre phenomenon has continued unabated, with plenty of filibustering and political posturing by the Boris Johnson government, while it is clear that Johnson really intends to do nothing about this problem. That is: nothing for British citizens, but plenty for illegals who are being welcomed in freely, on the backs of taxpayers. Meanwhile, the government continues to implement stringent lockdown rules for law-abiding citizens. No such rules apply to economic Muslim migrants, many of whom are infected with Covid-19. See more about the crisis HERE.

Not only is the UK continuing to enable its own national downfall by aiding the flow of unvetted illegal migrants, it long ago lost track of tens of thousands of Muslim migrants who were due for deportation, including ex-cons and jihadists. And for those criminal migrants who have been deported, including jihadists, many have been discovered to be sneaking back into Britain. Then they proceed to abuse legal aid services and loopholes in human rights laws to remain in the country.

“113 Boat Migrants Land in Britain on Tuesday, as Figures Reveal Less Than One Per Cent Face Prosecution,” by Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, April 20, 2021:

Over 100 illegal migrants reached Britain by boat on Tuesday, as figures from the Home Office revealed that less than one per cent of illegal aliens have been prosecuted over the past five years.

The migrant crisis in the English Channel shows no signs of abating, as seven boats carrying 113 illegals were brought to land at the Port of Dover on Tuesday.

A further four boats carrying 72 people being stopped by French authorities, the BBC’s Simon Jones reported.

So far this year, over 1,500 migrants have been recorded to have reached British shores. Theoretically, if crossings continue as they have, the year could be on pace to see 25,000 migrants cross the Channel from France illegally, three times as many reached in the year before the UK officially left the European Union.

The latest crossings come as figures from the Home Office revealed that only an average of 71 out of 17,000, or 0.4 per cent, illegal migrants detected by Britain’s Border Force have been prosecuted since 2016/17.

The Home Office figures, which were uncovered by Lord Green of the Migration Watch think tank, showed that there were also less the 50 convictions for overstayed visas or illegal entry during the same time period. The mass migration-sceptic think tank compared to the 114,000 convictions of Britons for failing to pay their TV licence fee in 2019….