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Twitter Users React To Ban Of Okada, Tricycle




In an effort to defend the decision of the Lagos State Government to ban the movement of tricycles and motorcycles on certain highways and roads in the state, the state’s official Twitter handle, using the hashtag #TheFactsBehindTheDecision, gave reasons why the Lagos State Government took the decision. 


The tweet has been met with a lot of criticisms from Lagosians who give varying reasons why the ban was unnecessary and ill-thought-out.

Twitter user, @donfigo99, said, “A greater Lagos comes with sacrifice, yes understandable but have the government provide anything as a back up for these people. No contingency plan. How do families fend for themselves? Riders that operated through loan (sic), where do they start from..?”

The state government also extended the ban on the movement of motorcycles to bike hailing companies like GoKada, ORide, and Max Okada, who have also taken to the street in protest of the ban, saying that they weren’t informed before the decision was reached.

Twitter user, @BankoleSolaja, saw no good reason why the government would restrict the movement of these bike hailing companies, stating that, “The Answer to banning Gokada and Opay does not carry any weight.”

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Some criticized the wording of the answers to the questions posed in the tweets, describing them as insensitive to the affected; @J_Chiemeke said, “The people in Sanwo-Olu’s social media and communications team need to be fired. All of them. There is bad writing, but this has to be the nadir. Highly insensitive tone, too. Nairaland OPs & Afmag Yoruba’s caption editors would put out a better statement. Writers needed.”

Many other reactions have trailed the rollout of the ban, most of which are in total opposition to the ban, questioning the government’s sensitiveness to the plight of the average Lagosian, in a clime where job opportunities are scant, and the transport system in the state is in a lamentable state.




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