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Top-Ten Hit Singer SZA Claims She Stopped Wearing Hijab After 9/11: ‘I Was So Scared’



My latest in PJ Media:

Here again we see it: when non-Muslims attack Muslims, Muslims are the victims. And when Muslims attack non-Muslims, Muslims are the victims. In an interview with Muslim Girl, the popular singer SZA, whose song “Good Days” recently reached number ten on the Billboard Hot 100, claimed that as a young Muslim girl, “I stopped covering after 9/11 because I was so scared.” Scared of what? Those racist, redneck, “Islamophobic” yahoos of leftist media myth, of course.

SZA explained: “For me, Islamophobia really kicked in fresh after 9/11. I am from a small suburban town where people have good intentions, but they’re inherently may be closed-minded, and it’s not their fault.”

How magnanimous of her. But that generosity of spirit doesn’t change the fact that the claim that hijab-wearing women had anything to be scared about in the United States after 9/11 is a propaganda fiction. The reality is that many of the most celebrated of the cases claiming the harassment of women and girls wearing hijab turned out to have been faked by the victims themselves. In one such incident, an eleven-year-old girl in Toronto made international headlines with her claim that a man had followed her and cut her hijab with scissors. After an investigation, police concluded that the attack never happened.

Likewise, Yasmin Seweid, a Muslim teen who claimed in December 2016 that Trump supporters on a New York subway tore off her hijab and no one in the packed subway car helped her. She, too, gained international media attention, and she, too, made up the whole thing. Shortly before that, a hijab-wearing Muslim student at San Diego State University also falsely claimed that she was assaulted by Trump supporters. In July 2017, a Muslim in Britain falsely claimed that a man had pulled off her hijab in a “race hate attack.”

In November 2016, a University of Michigan Muslim student claimed she was “accosted by a white man who told her to remove her hijab or he would set her ablaze with a cigarette lighter.” She also fabricated the whole event. And there are many others of this kind.

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