Nigerian relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has recounted how a blog tried tarnishing her image with a fake story.

Taking to her verified social media handle on Instagram she revealed that the story was actually her breakthrough.

..... she made reads;

“Blessingceo we can wipe this from google, bro leave that story abeg I go use am make money ….
That story na my break through..

Now they are telling me, Blessing stop posting it, Blessing forget this story, Blessing you don big pass am, Blesing we don forgive you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
Just because I survived it .
Them been think say I go die, hide, but 1 year later we dey ball 🤣🤣.
Yes na me be this last year, them talk say I thief house, handcuffs me, use me do drama, gun for my head but today na me be the only Celebrity criminal wey no go jail, or police station after stealing 🤣🤣.
Only celebrity criminal wey dey walk free, dey talk free🤣…
E shock haters till today I swear..
Them say I sleep with onyeeze 🤣🤣🤣.
If I sleep with onyeeze him go dash me this house marry me join….
Dear lovers .
I did not die, na only talk them go talk but las las I turned my so called disgrace into content 🙏.
Na me be that gal p Squre sing audio money for .
Na still me cdq sing awon onyeeze for .
And it was a hit track .. Blessingceo na content 🤣
Na be trend back to back for 1 4cking year 🤣🤣🤣……
Wait na the house I dey save money to build or buy. I go shock Una 🙏…..
As u dey laugh make sure say u don pay house rent ooooo.
I will remain a case study 📖, I am historical, I will always be remembered. Choke . Shameless goal getter..
My name na Blessingceo……
Don’t ever give up ur dreams for enemies,they will make a mess of ur existence…. live your dreams na talk them go talk….”