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Sweden: Illegal migrants stop their own deportations by refusing coronavirus testing



At the height of the migration crisis in Europe, Sweden “accepted more refugees per capita than any other country.” They were mainly Muslim migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

These migrants — a mix of genuine refugees, economic migrants, jihadists and criminals — were largely unvetted. Those who are listed for deportation were generally criminals and jihadists. But now they have found an underhanded way to escape deportation. What happens to these migrants in Sweden on deportation lists who are refusing coronavirus tests? According to the acting head of the Border Police Section in Region West, Mikael Holmgren, Those who do not want to go home do not get themselves tested.” Then they go right back into their communities in Sweden, with or without coronavirus.

Since 2015, much has changed, with the fall of the Islamic State. But the problem of unvetted Muslim migrants flooding into the EU, though that flow has slowed, continues. Illegal Muslim migrants have continued to swarm in with little resistance, placing a heavy burden upon taxpayers who are already strained due to the coronavirus, and bringing with them additional risks to national security and free society.

Sweden has also been inflicted with rising crime rates, including increased rapes (with women getting the blame). The country has also seen the formation of no-go zones and Sharia patrols. All this is thanks to the Swedish government, for which vetting isn’t part of its vocabulary, and for which national security is not a priority. And already, almost 700,000 migrants are receiving state benefits.


“People who refuse covid test cannot be deported from Sweden,” translated from “Personer vägrar covid-test – kan inte utvisas ur Sverige,” by Emilie Lindholm, Sveriges Radio, May 3, 2021:

People who are to be forcibly deported can stop their own deportation by refusing to take covid tests.

For entry into most recipient countries, a negative PCR test is required and according to Swedish law, the test must be done voluntarily.

“Those who do not want to go home do not get themselves tested,” says Mikael Holmgren, acting head of the Border Police Section in Region West, where they have several cases every week.