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South-East Working On An Amotekun-esque Initiative



Chairman of the South-East Governors Forum, David Umahi, says that the South-Eastern region, in tow with the creation the operation Amotekun in the South-West, has also created its own security unit that will work to protect the lives and properties of the South-Easterners.

“Every region has their own peculiarities and we have formed our own joint security task force and we have written to the federal government, and we are putting things together because we had a joint meeting with all the service chiefs and the then GOC,” he said.

“So, we discussed and agreed on what we need to do to continue to give safety to our people in the south-east.

“No one will say that he will not be part of joint security because when people are kidnapped for example in Anambra State, they could be found in Ebonyi.

“So, we need that synergy to work together to give protection to everybody and here in Ebonyi, we are among the first in the federation to start our law on internal security and that is the Neighbourhood Watch and they have fantastically done very well.

“I am happy that the police, the army, the SSS, they are not ashamed to proclaim that our Neighbourhood Security Watch has done very well. And so, we can say that we are the safest state in the country and there is no joke about that.”

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The name of the outfit is yet to be disclosed but a commissioner in Ebonyi State had stated that the Amotekun initiative was a facsimile of that of the South-Eastern concept.

Umahi did not disclose the name of the outfit. Stanley Emegha, a commissioner in Ebonyi, had earlier said Amotekun was copied from the state.




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