Nigerian socialite, Tunde Ednut has claimed that skits have now taken over Nollywood movies.

According to him, skits making the new Nollywood and he attributed this to the COVID-19 pandemic stating that COVID has changed the game.

He indicated that skit guys and influencers are currently making huge monies than even popular Nigeria actors and actresses.

..... he made reads;

“Skits is becoming the new Nollywood, cause most of these skit guys, influencers are not making money than so many actors and actresses. Pandemic changed the game.”

His followers shared their thoughts about his post and some of these comments are;

scoobynero – I swear !!!! I no get time to watch 2hrs movie !! Skit go narrate all under 2mins if not 1min most times

twyse_116 – Abeg where una dey see this money 😢?

yetundebakare – On gaaaad 👌 that’s why it’s good to have a side hustle and be very enterprising! Make hunger no kill you because Na eye service plenty for street 🧑‍🦯 she/he no longer acts but she’s doing fine is better than she/he no longer acts and he’s broke as F !

jnrpope – Preach on 🙌🙌🙌🙌

nkechiblessingsunday – On Gaaaaaaaddddddd 👌 – Audience Apathy. Piracy is no longer the problem lol


mccharleneofficial – Nobe lie ooh!! Some of the skits are even produced and edited better seff!!!🤣🤣 No offence but I watched a newly released Nollywood series on YouTube where the whole time I could hear people whispering at the back!! I even heard the film director!! I wanted to scream “shut up!! Stop making noise at the back” 🤣🤣 but then I remembered that, them don already edit and post. And na me dey still watch am🙆🏾‍♀️🤣 I am even waiting for the next episode🤦🏾‍♀️ Weeeh God🤣🤣🤣😂

monicafriday1 – There is actually 10% or less content creators, making skits. Na short story many dey do.
Most importantly, a movie producer and a skit maker, are both content creators under the same umbrella . However, they are free to feature each other in their contents, for buisness or benefits purposes.
For skit makers or short story tellers, their major aim is someday, develop their 1-3 minute (or more ) contents into a web series or movies for cinemas or festivals.
Erm For that money part 😂 Nobody know, until everybody tender their pay slip 😂 we nor fit judge oh 😂. Na who dem pay know how much them pay am.
Special Shout out to you. God bless you for all your support KingTundeEdnut.