The Governor of Zamfara State, Bello Matawalle has informed residents of his state to defend themselves if bandits attack them.

He made this disclosure during a special prayer session to mark the second year anniversary of his administration. The Zamfara Governor said residents shouldn’t wait on security personnel to come to their aid or rescue when being attacked.

Bello urged his state residents to rise up and protect themselves.

He said; 

“The insecurity situation has defied solution, as such people should defend themselves.

“I am calling on the people of the state to defend themselves if the bandits attack them.

“My government has approved that whenever the bandits attack you, don’t wait for the security personnel to come to your rescue. You should rise up and protect yourselves.

“My government has also planned to recruit locals from each community who will be in charge of monitoring their villages to ensure that bandits don’t attack them.

“I’m calling on the traditional rulers and community leaders to make sure that only people of proven integrity are recruited.”

The Governor of Zamfara also called on traditional leaders to fish the bad eggs that connived with the bandits in their communities.

Matawalle added; 

“The communities should be watchful and fish out criminal elements among them. This is to ensure that wolves in sheep’s clothing are weeded out of the system.

“There are some people who take delight in these brutal attacks by the armed men. If you think you have no hands in these heinous acts come out with a clean heart and swear by Almighty Allah as I have been doing.

“Securing the lives and property of every one in the state remains my number one priority and we will continue to pursue all legitimate means to make sure that we restore peace in our troubled communities.”