One of the celebrity fights that is going on currently is the fight between Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye who is known as Bobrisky and Nigerian actress, Halima Abubakar.

The first person who threw the first punch is the actress who dragged the crossdresser over something that happened in 2019 warning her never to mention her name aga in.


Halima Abubakar who decided to let some things off her chest called Bobrisky out dragging her over something that happened in 2019 telling her how her actions and attitude hurt her so much but has been quiet over it.

According to Bobrisky, all the friends of Halima Abubakar left her so she could visit the psychiatric hospital and heal herself first then they will all come back after she has gotten better but then she’s still harboring something that happened in 2019.

Adding that the day Halima Abubakar will learn to stop spoil all her ex-friends everything will move on with her asking if she’s the only one who has things to say about their ex-friends sarcastically saying she fears her so much.

Bobrisky then warned her never to mention her name on her page again and not come to find her trouble or war as next time she wouldn’t be gentle with her praying that God should heal her of all the things she’s harbouring in her heart.

Well, in a recent post made by Halima, she spoke about why the crossdresser is fighting her. According to Halima, the crossdresser is fighting her because she wasn’t to attend his birthday. The actress also went on to expose the crossdresser revealing some of the thing the crossdress told her in the post.

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