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Noxious DJ – From Tebisa With Love Vol. 10 Mix



Noxious DJ – From Tebisa With Love Vol. 10 Mix Mp3 Download.

Noxious DJ From Tebisa With Love Vol. 10 Mix Mp3 Download. Noxious DJ serves us a new mix From Tebisa With Love Vol. 10.

Here is what the deejay has to say about the mixtape.

You will never enjoy music if u listen to judge or compare djs, yes we all have our favorite djs and type of sound we like, music’s too beautiful to judge or compare i feel… Lol ud be surprised to know 70% of the music i play/have on my phone is not deep/soulful/afro house the reason why i have guests on the podcast is to introduce you to people u might have never heard play or what they play, new/old music, a dj’s story telling and taste and the most important aspect is the healing music brings, from depression/ stress to just good vibes nje.

I jus wanna thank each and every one of u for lending me your ears and time, sharing my music and introducing my podcast to your friends and family i get most of my gigs from mixtapes, you guyz get me gigs without u even knowing it and ill forever be grateful.

I see all your texts and comments i just wish i had enough time to react and respond to each and everyone of u. Just know ngi gcwele and ngyabonga and oh! Before i forget! Its not only Exclusive tracks that make a good mixtape! Lol maar that’s a discussion for another day.


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