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Nick Cannon reportedly dating 2 women at the same time & they are twins

TV personality/actor Nick Cannon may have just pulled off the biggest Pimp Move in history as he is reportedly dating two women at the same time and they are a pair of twins.

Nick Cannon reportedly dating 2 women at the same time & they are twins lailasnews 7

According to one of Nicki’s homies – Nick has been dating the Kelly Twins – Britt and Brandy. The twins met Nick while appearing on his popular MTV show Wild N’ Out.

And according to an insider, the relationship is serious and it has also been confirmed that the twins have both gotten a tattoo of Nick Cannon on their body.

One of them has his tattoo on her thigh and the other one has it on her arm.

Brit and Brandy Kelly are apparently adult movie stars as their photos and videos are seen on most popular porn hubs across the internet. They were also at a time featured on Playboy.

According to the TMZ

Identical twin sisters and Playboy Playmates Brandi and Brittany Kelly are double the trouble on land but even more so in the drink.

Legend has it you can tell them apart by their personality … Brandi is more the wild one, while Brit just looks like she would do as being told by the other.

Does it matter? No, because they both look exactly the same with their tops on or off. And a lot of guys will do anything to get hold of them.

Nick Cannon recently hailed his ex wife, Mariah Carey over her decision to go public of struggle with bipolar disorder. Mariah Carey had received encomiums from her fans across the world for opening op and the ex-husband also showered her with praises for her action.

“I’m in awe of her strength. Every family has to deal with something, but through love and understanding is how anyone gets through any adversity. And that’s what we’ve always been about.” Nick Cannon said


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