Newlyweds usually like to spend their wedding night in a luxury location with fresh scenes in order to create various sorts of incredible memories after the wedding moment.

Meanwhile, a couple was constrained to sit in the open at the stadium together with all their guests to serve as retributive justice for violating the covid-19 rules.

SPARK TV reported that the stirring incident happened in Rwanda. According to SPARK TV, the newly wedded couple didn’t observe the laid down protocols to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

It was undoubtedly an unhappy and uncomfortable moment for the newly wedded couple and their guests as they sat in the open at the stadium. From the photos, the groom wearing black suit sits with his arms folded while turning his back to his bride who he should be cuddling during their first wedding night.


The miserable moment was written boldly on each other’s faces while they look in opposite directions with dolefulness drooling down their bodies. To the bride, she still had her veil on which looked like apparently the groom didn’t get the chance to lift it. Beneath the veil, she was observing one of the protocols; wearing of the mask.

Ghgossip understands that the mass attendees of the wedding ceremony who were seated behind the couple were being perturbed by cold weather and probably mosquitoes. Some shielded themselves with their clothes .

Sharing the photo, SPARK TV captioned the photo:

“A newlywed couple was forced to spend their honeymoon night sitting outside in a stadium together with their guests as a punishment for breaking the Covid-19 rules in Rwanda,”