Actress KC Ejelonu has slammed her colleague Yvonne Jegede for chasing clout with her video cursing Baba Ijesha over molesting a minor.

Actress KC Ejelonu who seems not to understand why Yvonne Jegede asked her fans and followers to go and follow her manager at the beginning of the video she made slammed her for chasing clout with the issue.


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According to her, someone is crying on Instagram about the abuse video but before she begins she asks her fans to go and follow her manager and watch the video she also watched that got him angry asking whether Yvonne is okay.

KC Ejelonu further asked what is this craving for clout for goodness sake adding that we still don’t understand we are the problem and are always adding extra salt to the problem as social media has become the court of law.

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Adding that her tired is tired at this point as she seems not to understand the reason why someone who is crying in a video could ask others to go and follow her manager before watching the video that supposedly made her cry.

Yvonne Jegede asking her fans and followers to go and follow her manager is what KC Ejelonu seems not to understand as someone who claims to be angry and crying shouldn’t be asking others to go and follow someone first.

screenshot below;