Smith Akom Takema, the Senior Special  Assistant to the Benue State Governor on Rural Development has posited that the deprivation of sexual satisfaction in marriages is a leading factor in broken marriages.

According to him, Christian courtship does not address the issue of love making and how to satisfy the partner. In his view, couples should court properly and ask sincerely and Frank questions among themselves if they can stand the test of fornication.

Taking to his Facebook page he wrote: “It’s unGodly for you to marry a woman and not be giving her enough sex. Sex is created by God to be enjoyed, they are women who are not sex freaks and can go without it for months without minding, but they are some who can’t stand without sex for a week,”


This are things we ought to know during courtship but Christianity has put a ban for sex before marriage.

Most times going by christianity standards we don’t even know who we are getting married to as regard to sex life, how can you manage the post ownership, there are things the body systems can’t adopt.

“Mbakirgh ngokwase er na hua kempe GA. ” Meaning : you don’t force a old woman to wear pant. The above means a woman/ man who loves regular sex can’t stop it over night.

Please, couples should court properly at least ask sincerely and Frank questions among them selves if they can stand the test of fornication. Most marital problems emanate from cheats, unfaithfulness and lack of sexual satisfaction.