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I’m Old Enough For Marriage, But My Mind Tells Me I'm Broke – BBNaija Star, Ahneeka Speaks Up




There is no doubt that BBNaija star, Maryanne Ahneeka Iwuchukwu is a lady of many parts. She’s a model, engineer, television presenter and entrepreneur. 

Three years ago, Ahneeka came to limelight when she took part in the Big Brother Naija reality show. In this chat, she talked about her growing up, love life and new TV programme, Jollof Show. Enjoy it. 

Tell us briefly about yourself?

I am Maryanne Ahneeka Iwuchukwu. I hail from Oraifite, Anambra State. I am a Chemical Engineer and also an entrepreneur. I am pursuing a degree in Education at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Three yeas ago, I was on the Big Brother Naija reality show, the Double Wahala edition. Now, I have moved on from there to TV presenting.

Tell us about your growing up?

My mum is an academic, an educator. It’s from her I got my flair for education. My dad is an entrepreneur, but he is retired now. They are very instrumental in terms of discipline and values I portray as a lady. I’m very proud of my discipline, I mean in terms of values, they were very keen in support of me. This venture of going into Big Brother after graduation as an engineer was very offline. They didn’t understand it, but they understood the daughter they raised, they trusted their handwork. I made the point not to disappoint them and I’m working so hard to let them know I’m not practicing as an engineer, but I’m making as much in bank as engineers will. 

What’s your new TV programme all about?

I am the host of Jollof TV show produced by Zikel Cosmetics. Zikel birthed the idea and they approached me to be a part of it. The show has started airing on WAPTV, DSTV, GOTV, StarTimes and some terrestrial stations from the first Friday in May. Basically, Jollof Show is about having interactions with your favourite celebrities. The show is not just about coming to have fun; we also get to learn a few things about lifestyle, fitness, grooming, working-out, and use of slimming teas. So, it’s just about coming together and having a beautiful blend of spices like we have in jollof rice. The show has something for everyone. The context of what jollof means is what we are applying on the show.

When you are not hosting a show, what else do you do?

I’m a spice of everything, just like jollof rice. I’m a chemical engineer, an entrepreneur; I try my hands on different business ventures. You will be hearing new things about me soon. 

How do you take time off to relax?

There’s no relaxation on empty bank account. I believe now is the time to work. I am young, I am still energetic and I have this opportunity now, so why don’t I work? Relaxation will come when I’m sitting on my billion. 

How did you cope with the lockdown?

I was praying for Nigeria. I was praying not to catch Coronavirus. The world was standing still and I was part of the world standing still. I was learning new things online, taking few courses, and getting my post-graduate online. 

Tell us about your romantic side, do you have any man in your life yet?

I’m not in a rush. Whoever comes I will just go with the flow. No pressure right now, if he comes, he comes; if he doesn’t come, he doesn’t come, bye! As much as everyone is telling me how old I am (for marriage), my thought is telling me how broke I am. No pressure to do anything.

What is your kind of man?

He must have two legs; have two hands, but must have sense. That is the most important part I can’t compromise. He can have one leg, but must have sense. That is very key to me. I’m not looking for anything in particular; I will just know if my spirit can go with this person. I don’t have a checklist. 

What advice do you have for young people?

Do not wait on anything to be handed to you. As much as the government and other people owe you things, don’t bank on that. The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, so go there and take it by force. Be ready to face disappointments. Don’t get away by the things on social media. As a young person, half of what you see on social media is fake. So, do not compare your chapter one to another person’s chapter 16. Nobody posts his or her failures on Instagram. Be patient with yourself, work as hard as you can. If you are a person of faith, don’t forget that and when you get there, don’t forget that faith too. Just be a good human being.


Source: Sun News