Actress Nkechi Blessing has warned that if you ever see her commenting ‘God When’ anywhere just allow her because it’s only Instagram and not her reality so no need to worry.

Nkechi Blessing warned that no one should take anything she posts on social media seriously because that isn’t her reality as she doesn’t even follow her husband on Instagram because social media isn’t her real life.

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According to Nkechi Blessing, anything she posts or any comment she makes on social media doesn’t depict her real-life therefore if you see her commenting God When somewhere, just allow her because it’s not her reality but just Instagram.

Speaking about how people love her so much despite all that she does online, Nkexhi Blessing said is a result of her good heart and how she always wants to see everyone win and makes the businesses or others hers just to promote them and how she loves without thinking.

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Nkechi Blessing then added that once those who hate her remove the hate they have for her in their heart, they will realize that loving her will give them peace just like she also has peace of mind to do whatever she wants to do.

Nkechi Blessing is one character you will never understand if you judge her based on her social media post and comments as people who are close to her have testified she’s a very sweet person if known personally.

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