Music executive Don Jazzy managed to monopolize the social media landscape on Friday, February 26 when he shared photos of his newly acquired crib- which is still evoking massive reactions from fans and celebs.

However, beyond the praises, actresss Angela Eguavoen is highlighting the double standard of society towards female celebs. In her view, if it were a female celeb who bought this kind of house, people will say she slept her way up to that level which is so demeaning.


If na woman flaunt the kind house wey donjazzy just acquire now, internet for don burst two seconds

Them go say na man she sleep with take get the house. Them go begin cook up rubbish and foolish lies. Set awon “where una dey see this money?

You all don’t see the stress, the hustle, the late nights, early mornings, and hard times. Enemies of progress, bitter souls, feasting on just the wins.

Congratulations to all the women that stay winning notwithstanding, Congratulations to all the hardworking strong women, you keep killing it. well done. You all rock, You all are stars and rare gem.