Nigerian actress, Yetunde Bakare has thrown shades at ladies who ask men for money to buy wigs, shoes, bags and accessories as she claims she is not a baby to do that.

In a recent post she made on her Instagram page, she stated that rather than asking a man for money to buy handbags, shoes, wigs, she will discuss her unfinished project businesses and how to expand her business and investments.

This she subtly revealed that is being smart as even if the man gets her once she get him a million times because the man would have given her about 2 million naira for a project she needed like 5 million for.

Yetunde wrote;

“I’m not that girl that will ask you money for ‘ wigs, bags, shoes, phones’ etc those are for babies and I’m not vain… I’m the one that will tell you about my ‘Unfinished projects’ Shipping new cargos’ Expanding businesses’ New investments ‘ And if I say ‘ hey bae can I get 5M for a business I’ll be expecting at least 2M trust me if you’ve got me once I’ve got you a million times”


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Reacting to this;

@ella_mellanie wrote “So what’s the difference na? You still ask for money abi? You just use it for different things.”

@oops_girlie wrote “The actual girls that do all this don’t come on social media to say they do it . Aunty shift”

@nnenna_blinks_ wrote “As they grow older the mentality changes . In the days of her youth exuberance she was that girl at one point in time”

@lunostore wrote “To be honest tho… why would you be asking a man for money.. if he has it he will give you. Most men in Nigeria don’t wanna get married due to this fear.”