Nigerian musician, Timi Dakolo has indicated that he is tired of everything that is going on in Nigeria.

The talented media personality made this known in a recent post he made on his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

..... he made reads;

“I am Even tired of reporting Nigeria to God. #KeepitOn”

Here some reactions the post got;

@YomYom_ – When next are you performing “One Nation” on stage ? I want to check something

@doublejackson – I swear I no fit cry for that song again. Nigeria’s unity doesn’t worth my tears anymore

@NnamdCaleb – I told a friend this morning, that Nigeria case now in the side of God is “make una do whatever una like” (God has abounded Nigeria). He said I shouldn’t say so

@Kaosygal – Don’t get tired please…just a little while longer.He is not a wicked Father. Always remember the story of a widow and a judge.
I have faith and with work,God will intervene soon. The blood of innocents spilled is too many for God to keep silent.

@AsuquoNsikak2 – Last time I reported, God told me to do what he asked abraham to do. Leave they father’s land (Nigeria) to a land he will show me (Canada). And I refuse to disobey God

@Dar_Vista – I never know there would be a time like this in this country that I will have to come on this page to mourn the delirious BAN of twitter in the Land of most populous Black Race on earth.
“Only if Ganiyu Oyesola Fawehinmi was still living”.it won’t be this way oh

@semasir – To be candid, God I believe has done His part. Our own as Nigerians is just what baffles me more, we let things slide easily even when cheated with the hope that manna will fall from heaven most times

@kingdave_gram – Like Pharaoh and the Egyptians I pity for those holding Biafra nation back.. They have no idea what God has waiting for them… God is not a politician he doesn’t promise and fail.. He by himself has grabbed the oppressors of His people by their Balls…

@ChomieBlue – Truth is God will not come down. That’s why I still hail Israel for their use of weaponry to defend themselves. When the tough gets going, the going gets tough.

@7KayK_ – God sef for don put our governmental issues for Auto-Hearing mode.. say He don give us brain make we take solve whatever problem we get… countries many wey no believe in God reach us wey dia economy dey work… as we get God, the thing suppose soft wella buh reverse is d case.