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How To Repair A Cracked CD (Compact Disk)



Have you ever wondered if it is possible to fix a cracked disk? Well nothing is impossible. If you read this article carefully and follow the steps below, you would find out how possible it is to fix a cracked CD. In this article i will show you guys how to repair a cracked CD (Compact Disk).

I know many of you have a DVD player which you normally use to watch movies. And there must be some CDs which you love so much but due to it’s constant cracking, you find the CD useless. But no worries, all that will be over at the end of this article.

Here are 5 ways to repair a CD or DVD:

Some methods have been discovered to help repair scratched CDs but note that this fixes are not guaranteed.

Most of you might know that a small laser reads data from the CD. But how is the disc constructed? A disc is a sandwich. While the design differs depending on whether it is a CD, DVD, Blue-ray, or a derivative, the principle is consistent. A layer of aluminum (or similar material) is sandwiched between two layers of poly carbonate plastic. On one side, you will find the label, while the other side is clear. The plastic protects the data and helps to focus the laser, which reads the data from the aluminum layer. Scratches in the plastic’s layer are usually what cause CDs and DVDs to fail. With all that said, let’s move on. To repair a cracked CD, follow these steps.

Clean the disc using a soft lint-free clothes and a dab of warm water and mild detergent:

This is urgent and reliable because you wouldn’t believe how much trouble a dirty hand can cause to a CD.

2. Fill scratches with toothpaste.

If a disc is scratched, the scratched area of the disc can be filled with certain substances.

3. Fill the scratch with a wax-based product.

we all know products made from wax for example: shoe polish, lip balm, Vaseline etc.

4. Cover holes in the data layer with pen and tape.

Not all discs are damaged by scratches. Some are damaged when holes have perforated the data layer. Cover these with tape and a dark pen to ensure the disc can be read.

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