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Grammy-Nominated Duo, Riton & Kah-Lo Drop Fantastic New Track, 'Ginger'

Since the success of Riton and Kah-Lo’s first collaboration, “Rinse & Repeat” — a bonafide hit that went on to score them a ‘Best Dance Recording’ Grammy nomination — both stars have been understandably inseparable.

In the past year, they’ve dropped a bunch of solid tracks together — from “Money” to “Fake I.D.” to “Fasta” — but we think they might have finally nabbed their first song since “Rinse & Repeat” that could actually rival that gem: “Ginger”.

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Excellently produced by Riton, “Ginger” finds the self-proclaimed “monotone rap princess” pulling us in with her infectiously stolid delivery, as well as a captivating and relatable story about planning a “reckless” night out.

With every new song they release, it’s pretty clear that Riton and Kah-Lo were born to make music together. While we’re not sure if “Ginger” will score them another invite to the Grammys, it doesn’t really matter — we’re honestly just glad that they found each other.

Listen to “Ginger” below:

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