Famous Nigerian author and social activist, Reno Omokri has shared a piece of advice with unmarried people planning to tie the knot with their partners.


According to the author, anyone who wants to get married to their partners tests them through their anger to see how they react before making any decisions.

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Reno is of the opinion that no one should marry someone until they have seen how they respond when angry. The former presidential aide said that people should intentionally provoke their spouses to see their reactions when they are angry.

He tweeted, “That is why I have previously said (and this works both ways), never marry anybody until you have seen how they react when angry. Provoke them if you have to. But use wisdom with the provocation. So you don’t end up marrying a person controlled by anger #TableShaker #RenosNuggets

In another tweet, he advised men to marry women who are ladies and attract respect from people. He added that this can help a man maintain his respect amongst people.

“Dear men, Previously, I said the best wife is one who can pray, play, slay and, stay. Permit me to add one more. You also need a wife who carries herself like a lady. It is not possible for your wife to attract disrespect, and your own respect will be intact!”.

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Source: NgGossips.com