Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, has sent out an advisory message to her followers on a successful living.

Linda Ikeji

In a post sighted on her Instagram page, she shared a photo with a lengthy caption. Her caption was full of motivational words for her people. The media personality explained that one should not be obsessed with societal comments about life.

Linda Ikeji

To her, some people are of the view that some things are supposed to be done at a point of age in life. However, she urged individuals to disregard that assertion and be themselves. Considering this idea would only put some undue pressure on people to kill their happiness hence, has to be disregarded.

Linda Ikeji

Linda added that society would be fine with what you do best, however, her people should forget their comments to suppress their success.

Her words read:

Don’t obsess over the things society says you are ‘supposed to do’ at a certain age…it will put undue pressure on you and will most likely kill your happiness.

You don’t have to do things by a certain age. Life works in different ways for everyone. She’s not you. You are not him! Do life your own way…however it works for you and don’t worry about people who have high expectations of you or treat you like they are disappointed in you. They will be fine!

The society will be fine! 😏 . Just remember to never stop doing your best and doing right! That’s all life requires from you. The rest is up to God! #Happywednesday ❤

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