Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has refuted the claims of a document that reportedly linked embattled minister, Isa Pantami to the death of former Kaduna State Governor Patrick Yakowa.

A document went viral on Wednesday, that sought to further deepen the dislike people have for Pantami as it linked him with the death of Yakowa.

The Secretary General of the NSCIA, Ishaq Oloyede, reacted to the document and branded it a fake.

He said: ” The so-called communique is fake, concocted by bigots who are desperate to pull the man (Mr Pantami) down.

“It should be disregarded because the intention of those who fabricated it is to portray Islam in bad light and cause division between Muslims and Christians in the country.

“JNI will respond on its own. But as an official of NSCIA, I am in a position to tell you that the gentleman was not in Nigeria at the time they said the meeting held. He was in the UK. So, how could he have presided over a meeting in Nigeria at the same time?


“Secondly, Pantami has never been an official of JNI. So in what capacity would he have presided over the group’s meeting? That’s not possible. If there’s someone who could have presided over any such meeting, the person could have been Salisu Shehu.

“Any discerning Muslim or Christian should know that this is a clear case of forgery. The content of the so-called communique is contrary to Islamic beliefs and teachings. An association like JNI can never hold a meeting to plan the killing of anyone or the commission of crimes.

“Islam is a religion of peace. Those circulating this falsehood are clearly committed to sparking crisis and violence in Nigeria. Government should fish them out and bring them to book.”