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Do Not Panic When You Insert Your ATM Card And It Displays This Error, Check Out What It Means



Sometimes, many of us head over to the bank in anticipation to withdraw our money only for us to be met with one of the greatest disappointment ever, the inability to withdraw our money, which is often due to one error or the other. However, there is one particular error that I have witnessed people experience and they become dumbfounded afterwards because many of them were unfortunately caught in emergency cash situations.


If you are one of the People Who experience this error whenever you go to the bank to withdraw, please do not panic or move from one bank to the other. Whenever you were experience “Issuer Or Switch Inoperative” error anytime you want to withdraw, just calm down and stay where you are because this is a temporary error that is coming directly from your bank and not your ATM card.


The error is caused by several factors but for us to fully understand what really happens let me give a proper explanation. Everytime you go to other banks to withdraw, the bank has to establish a connection with your bank to make the transaction successful. However, just like there is poor reception with most of our mobile networks, banks also experience fluctuation or entirely bad network.


Due to this bad network, the bank fails to establish a connection with your bank. As of that period, your bank and account number and not in existence, which means they are temporarily not existing and you cannot withdraw from an account that is not existing. This is the cause of this error, and as a customer who experience this error, you are advised to wait at the ATM stand for 15 minutes as this error is just temporary and will be resolved immediately it is noticed often time when a customer transaction has failed.

..... Do Not Panic When You Insert Your ATM Card And It Displays This Error, Check Out What It Means . Naija Campus Jams.




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