The Bishop of Egba Diocese, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Rt. Revd. Emmanuel Oludaisi Adekunle has appealed to the Buhari-led administration to resort to drastic measures to lift the country out of its predicament.

According to the priest, things have been a bit shaky and what did not help matters was the blame game the government played when they first came to power.

He said, “since the entrance of this regime in 2015, things have not been stable in the political arena. Initially, the government started by apportioning blames on the preceding regime and for six years now they could not right the wrongs. The system has been deteriorating. The economy is daily somersaulting, the effect of inflation is biting hard, public amenities and facilities are depreciating, the currency is so devalued that its purchasing blower is quickly plummeting to zero”. “The country is in internecine war, feuds time between the composing tribes: farmlands are being raked and destroyed (breaking the staff of food within a certain region by herders); people are being molested, raped, sacked from their ancestral land and thrown into refugee camps within their country”.


“The people involved are doing this with impunity, they move about brandishing sophisticated weapons to suppress and oppress the innocent concerned citizens. These have culminated to a point that some people belonging to a particular tribe are claiming superiority over other tribes as if they are at their mercy”.

“The mismanagement of the situation confronting the nation from different sectors has added up to different crises and unrest that are erupting all around as the #ENDSARS protest, eviction of the Fulanis in some regions, regional agitation for independence, demand dissolve of power to regional governments, soliciting for true and total federalism.”