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A World Cup Fan’s Guide To European Club Soccer


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The Guide You Need to Read to Get Started With European Club Soccer

So, are you looking to get started on a new football journey and get welcomed to the European soccer world?

So, are you looking to get started on a new football journey and get welcomed to the European soccer world?

Champions League, as the name suggests, is the league of the champions from all European countries. In total, 32 teams from the previous make it to the league, which include top four from Premier League, Germany, Italy, and Spain each; top three from Russia, top two from Turkey and Portugal, and it goes on. Premier League is played by 20 teams and is limited to the United Kingdom. League Cups are domestic too, for example DFB Pokal is of Germany, Coppa Italia is of Italy, and Copa Del Rey is of Spain.

In the top leagues, whoever has the most points wins the tournament. Not having play-offs is definitely anti-climatic because you already know which team is going to win.

In American league games, teams transfer one player for another. In European soccer leagues players are traded for money. This is the reason why players in European soccer league are never out of contract because their previous contract ends and a new one starts immediately when they are sold off to another team.

Europe has so many leagues that even if one league introduces a salary cap, the players would go to another league and earn there. The spending limit is relative and depends on the club’s revenue, so the more they earn, they more they can spend.

If the thought has come to your mind, then yes, it is the rich teams that usually win the tournaments. Tottenham Hotspur is the richest European soccer team, followed by Juventus, Liverpool, and Chelsea in decreasing order. Juventus has won the past seven Italian titles back to back.



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